Workers Compensation

Black's Law Dictionary Definition

State and federal statutes which provide for fixed awards to employees or their dependents in case of employment-related accidents and diseases, dispensing with the need by employee to bring legal action and prove negligence on the part of the employer. 

See also: Personal Injury

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is to be received after an employee has been injured while at work. It is used to reimburse the cost of medical bills, rehabilitation, and loss of work. This is a law almost throughout the whole world, to help the employee with monetary needs in case of an accident. This is a form of insurance that is usually deducted from a person's paycheck regularly. Overall, this is a wonderful gift to those who are serious injured or disabled while on the job. Sadly, there have been people who have been charged with fraud, misusing the workers' compensation. With the rise of fraud throughout the country, more employers are fighting against false charges of workers' compensation.

Not Receiving Workers' Compensation

If you are not receiving your workers' compensation, you need to talk with an attorney to find out why. David Whipple can review your injury, with the help of qualified medical physicians, and the records that are provided. David Whipple understands how difficult it can be to have an injury and no form of income. Consequently, he puts a lot of effort into resolving these situations for you.

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