Wills And Probate

Black's Law Dictionary Definition

Will - Wish; desire; pleasure; inclination; choice; the faculty of conscious, and especially of deliberate action. When a person expresses his "will" that a particular disposition be made of his property, his words are words of command, and the word "will" as so used is mandatory, comprehensive, and dispositive in nature.

Probate - Court procedure by which a will is proved to be valid or invalid; though its current usage this term has been expanded to generally refer to the legal process wherein the estate of a descendant is administered.

See also: Trusts and Estates


A will is a legal document that is created while a person is still alive. The purpose of the legal document is to have instructions for the use of their private property in case of death due to medical issues or accident. The will is overseen by an attorney to make sure it is put into effect after the death of the individual. Medical care and degree of medical intervention and life sustaining support is typically expressed as the testator's wishes


A probate is taken care of to enforce the will or trust. David Whipple focuses on probate and can make sure everything goes according to plan.

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