Parking Ticket

Parking Tickets

Usually, you get a parking ticket for violating the parking laws of the city. Each city has different parking violations, but the most common deal with parking in a fire lane, parking in a handicapped parking zone, or running out of time on the meter. As said, every city has different rules and laws that involve parking, but there are signs everywhere explaining where and when you can park. When you park somewhere unfamiliar, be sure to look for signs to say if it is legal to park there.

In the city of Independence, there are three types of parking violations: Fire lane, handicapped parking zone, and general parking.

Parking Violations & Fines

The prices listed below are for informational purposes only. Amounts for tickets may differ from what is listed and is not to be taken as proof. The data was last checked in 2014, ticket prices may have changed.


All fines will have an administrative cost added.

Violation Fine Amount
Fire Lane $100 - $300 plus
administrative costs
Handicapped Parking Zone $100 - $300 plus
administrative costs
Parking $10 plus
administrative cost

Lee's Summit (2014 prices)

Commercial parking violation $100
Fire Hydrant $100
Fire Lane $100
Handicapped space $100
Parked to obstruct $100
All other NON-MOVING violations $100

Raytown (2014 prices)

PARKING VIOLATIONS payable at $105.00 (examples below)
No Parking (fire hydrant, sidewalk, etc.) Parking too close to curb
No Parking (posted) Parking not to obstruct traffic
Parked with invalid plates Parking on the roadway (for sale/repair)
Parking in the grass, or in park
Other Violations
Trucks parked in residential for 2 hours -----$127.00
Handicapped Parking ------------------------$127.00

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