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Employment, occupation, profession, or commercial activity engaged in for gain or livelihood. Activity or enterprise for gain, benefit, advantage, or livelihood. Enterprises in which person engaged shows willingness to invest time and capital on future outcome. That which habitually busies or occupies or engages the time, attention, labor, and effort of persons as a principal serious concern or interest or for livelihood.

Running a business can be very time consuming and if run incorrectly, a waste of money. Starting and running and keeping the business alive is not easy. Knowing the laws of how to run a business is also vital in keeping the company alive. The issue is that there are so many laws, you would have to spend your time studying them to fully understand what you can and cannot do. David Whipple has been practicing law for 30+ years; he understands the laws of businesses and how to use them to help your company succeed.

There are several different aspects of business law. These are the areas of business that David Whipple focuses in:

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