Black's Law Dictionary Definition Legal process pursuant to state statute in which a child's legal rights and duties towards his natural parents are terminated and similar rights and duties towards his adoptive parents are substituted. The process is entirely statutory.


Adoptions are wonderful experiences for the whole family unit. There is nothing better than bringing a family together. Not only do the parents gain a daughter/son, but that child gains a loving family. The family unit is special to David Whipple; being a father of 5.

Adoptions are not easy, though, in fact there are many complex and confusing laws about adoptions. An adoption attorney can help advise you of your rights, explain your options and handle your case in compliance with all applicable adoption laws. The Whipple Law Firm, P.C. has had over 30 years of experience with adoptions in Kansas and Missouri.


If you are wanting to adopt, ask David Whipple to guide you through this process.

  1. Check to see if you are qualified as a parent at select agencies.
  2. Visit the Missouri Government's Children's Division website and download the "Adoption Home Assessment Application Eligible Form"
  3. Wait to be contacted by a social worker.
  4. Prepare for a home study.
  5. Set up an initial meeting in your home with the social worker and your entire family.
  6. Visit the Missouri Children's Division Adoption Listing website where you can browse through hundreds of pictures of children waiting to be adopted if you have not already found your child.

Welcome Home Program

Welcome Home, a consumer publication from the Office of the Attorney General, explains the adoption process in Missouri, whether the adoption is domestic, international, foster or another type.

Welcome Home can be downloaded in its entirety as a PDF file. Consumers can also order a free copy of the publication using our online order form or by calling the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline, 1-800-392-8222.

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