Photo Ticket

Photo Ticket

Photo Tickets

In April of 2017, the Missouri house passed a ban on red light cameras. Some cities may still be enforcing this until the legislation has been finalized.

There are a few cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area that use photos to enforce traffic laws. Most are at stop lights, but there are a few that have speed cameras.  A photo ticket is considered a non-moving violation, like a parking ticket. The ticket is issued to the car and it's owner, no matter who was driving the car.

Missouri cities that use Photo Enforcement.

Red Light Cameras=R, Speed Cameras=S

Arnold R Dellwood R Richmond Heights R
Bellerive R Edmundson R St. Ann RS
Bel-Nor R Ellisville R St. Charles R
Berkeley S Excelsior Springs R St. John R
Beverly Hills R Festus R St. Joseph R
Brentwood R Florissant R St. Louis R
Bridgeton R Gladstone R St. Peters R
Calverton Park R Hannibal R State roads RS
Clayton R Hazelwood R Sugar Creek RS
Columbia R Kansas City R Vinita Park S
Cool Valley S Moline Acres R Wentzville R
Country Club Hills R Northwoods R  
Creve Coeur R Oak Grove R  


Sugar Creek

Stop Light Camera = $85.00

MPH Over B&W Fine Court Costs Total Fine
1 – 10 = Warning
11 – 14= $42.50 + $33.00 + $24.50 = $100.00
15 – 19= $46.50 + $39.00 + $24.50 = $110.00
20 – 24= $50.50 + $45.00 + $24.50 = $120.00
25 – 29= $54.50 + $51.00 + $24.50 = $130.00
30 – 34= $58.50 + $57.00 + $24.50 = $140.00
35+ = Mandatory Court
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